Miss Colorfest and lil Mr & Miss

Lil Miss Colorfest Nathalie Lothridge, daughter of Wil and Amanda Lothridge of Fishhook, IL

Lil Mr Colorfest Kelbe Nelson, son of Nickey Nelson of Hannibal, MO

Junior Miss Colorfest Samantha Henderson, daughter of Joe and Doris Henderson of Louisiana, MO

Miss Colorfest Paige Kueck, daughter of Mary Sapp of Louisiana, MO


Pie Contest:

Judges selections:

Apple Pies:  Shannon Shanks, first place; Judy Mendez, second place; Charlene Hunt, third place

Other Fruit & Berry Pies:  Shannon Shanks, first place; Jean Smith, second place; Jean Smith, third place

"Other" Pies:  Eileen Hoffman, first place; Peggy Meyer, second place; Judy Mendez, third place

In the people's choice selections:

Apple Pies:  Charlene Hunt, first place; Janette Davis, second place; Judy Mendez, third place

Other Fruit & Berry Pies:  Jean Smith, first place; Patricia Obremski, second place; Shannon Shanks, third place

"Other" Pies:  Peggy Meyer, first place; Beverly Goetsch, second place; Judy Green, third place

Pike County Memorial Hospital Baby Show:

Boys 0-6 months:  First-Marvin Denell Burse II, son of Heather Burse of Louisiana, MO   Second-Kenderick Chatman, son of Allona Chatman of Louisiana, MO   Third-Harly Joe Butricks, son of Christina Casaretto of Louisiana, MO

Girls 0-6 months:  First-Heavenlee Steward, daughter of Bruce and Michele Steward of Louisiana, MO  Second-AMaesia Griffith, daughter of Brianne Lamont and Kenny Griffith of Louisiana, MO  Third-Bonni Calvin, daughter of A.J. and Jennifer Calvin of Frankford, MO

Boys 7-12 months:  First-Jaylin & Javon Ries, sons of Jeff and Cassandra Ries of Louisiana, MO  Second-Ashton Poyser, son of Janey Poyser of Springfield, MO  Third-Edward Clark, son of Shanese Clark of Bowling Green, MO

Girls 7-12 months:  First-Zoey Elliott, daughter of Brandy Richards and Paul Elliott of Bowling Green, MO  Second-Kamani Valencia, daughter of Season Carter of Louisiana, MO  Third-Karsyn Hallows, daugher of Lauren Russell and Jamie Hallows of Clarksville, MO

Boys 13-18 months:  First-Brayden Angel, son of Brooke Rivera and Daniel Angel of Louisiana, MO  Second-Justin LaLonde, son of Marg and Don LaLonde of Troy, MO

Girls 13-18 months:  First-Lola Youell, daughter of Frankie Youell of Louisiana, MO  Second-Emma Nevius, daughter of Libby Nevius and Caleb Smith of Louisiana, MO  Third-Melanie Breen, daughter of Rick and Erika Breen of Louisiana, MO

Boys 19-24 months:  First-Briar Lothridge, son of Will and Amanda Lothridge of Fishhook, IL  Second-Tyler Norvell, son of Heather Horton and Jud Norvell of Louisiana, MO  Third-Quincy Mooney, son of Josh and Michele Mooney of Louisiana, MO

Girls 19-24 months:  First-Madison Burse, daughter of Natasha Meyers and Justin Burse of Bowling Green, MO  Second-Nakirra Bryant, daughter of Fred and Leah Bryant of Louisiana, MO  Third-Kalena Campbell, daughter of Pam Campbell of Louisiana, MO