There are a limited number of craft booths available!  We already have a 'scentsy' dealer and generators are not allowed in the festival area.

All rental fees must be remitted before Colorfest check in date.  We will not be accepting rental fees at check in!

Check in information is contained below in .pdf format.  Click on the file to open--it is the same information sent via email or mail to you if you were confirmed as a vendor.  Additionally, food booth information is provided.

2010 Vendor applications are below in .pdf format.  If you require a different format please contact us via email

There are three formats provided.  The application is created to print on legal sized paper.  Since most people don't have that lying around we have formatted it to also print on letter size but the print will be small.  There is also a return section only--it prints on one page in a suitable size to mail in.  Please do not print the legal size format on letter sized paper and then try to use the return section--returned applications should have all information entered on ONE PAGE.

Any additional information for vendors will be on this page.

If you have questions pertaining to becoming a vendor at Colorfest please open the applications FIRST and read it.

Application-Contract 2010 legal size.pdf Application-Contract 2010 legal size.pdf
Size : 0.034 Kb
Type : pdf

This is the legal size application/contract--it does not print well on letter sized paper. 

APPLICATION return section.pdf APPLICATION return section.pdf
Size : 0.01 Kb
Type : pdf

This is the return only section formated to print on letter sized paper. 

CHECK IN INFORMATION AND FOOD VENDOR INFORMATION BELOW! Please note--Indoor, Trailer and Non-Trailer are DIFFERENT!!!  Use the correct one!

2010 check in indoor vendor.pdf 2010 check in indoor vendor.pdf
Size : 0.017 Kb
Type : pdf
2010 check in non trailer.pdf 2010 check in non trailer.pdf
Size : 0.019 Kb
Type : pdf
2010 check in trailer.pdf 2010 check in trailer.pdf
Size : 0.018 Kb
Type : pdf
Application-Contract 2010 letter size.pdf Application-Contract 2010 letter size.pdf
Size : 0.034 Kb
Type : pdf

This is the letter size application /contract--please do not fill this out to return!!  It is for you to print for your records if you do not have legal sized paper. 

Food Vendor Information:

Food Vendor specific packet2010.pdf Food Vendor specific packet2010.pdf
Size : 1.089 Kb
Type : pdf